Me and my favorites

There are two things you should know about me. First, I'm a diabetic, a type II one for the last 7 years and still not insulin-dependent. Second, I love coffee brews. Espresso, latte, cappuccino, regular, hot, warm, cold - any way or form is a hit with me. If we ever talk about meeting up, I'd buy you sandwiches and coffee, unless we are meeting over lunch or dinner, when the coffee will follow the meal.

Outside of them, I love reading books. Not all types as I have a particular distaste towards management books, with apparent reasons (on which I'll find a more opportune time and place to write about). Books make an amazing combo with a cup of coffee, and is my preferred way to relax during weekends - unless I'm doing the laundry and eating soap-suds (another story which needs a separate hour to explain). My favourite genres are poetry, travelogues, mysteries and sanskrit books on indian religion and philosophies.

Away from books, I turn to music. You can find me listening to most types, but I'm most attracted to classical compositions, both Indian and western. They find a regular place in my aubade playlist, for which I find the other styles inefficacious.

I love to travel to the hills and mountains. Particularly because I find variety in them - barren, folliaged and snow-covered, and each with their unique charm to allure us. I find beaches good only when the aim is to laze around over the weekend. My other favourite is visiting the tiger reserves. A fantastic way to enjoy the forest and chances to see the big cats.

Which leaves me to explain the small matter of my daily battle with the Sun. It is a testosterone fight, a duel of male egos to find out who can wake up earlier. The war is on since my school years, close to thirty years, and yet, the Sun has managed to win only a paultry few times.

That, briefly, is me. Phew!

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