Me and Excel

I never fail to mention myself as an individual who has always been very enthusiastic about Microsoft Excel. My fascination with excel goes back a long way, to the year 1996, to be precise. With few excel guide books available back then, my initial knowledge was mostly acquired using the time-tested "trial-and-error" method, all meticulously noted down in two still carefully preserved, heavy, spiral folders.

Familiarity with Excel grew more intimate once I began my professional journey. Data analysis, Charting, Forecasting, Dashboards exposed me to several propetries of the software of which I was partially aware or completely unaware of. With time, and promotion, my expertise on Excel was narrowed down to two very dynamic and interesting aspects. Charting and VBA.

With time I've watched excel grow to be more robust, and the most preferred among all financial applications. Easily learned, highly customizable, Excel jumped from one version to another with me in tow, keeping a tab on its development, learning the new tricks and remembering the old ones.

The interest continued to increase exponentially with every new version released. Newer things to learn, newer models to adapt to, all made learning Excel an extremely enjoyable adventure - something which I cherish still.

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