Graphing Obesity Trends

The five days of Durga Puja was stupendous as usual. Lots of great times with friends, all my favorite dishes for meals, and with no restrictions, it was a fantastic experience yet again. The countdown to October 20th, 2012 for the next years festival looks a long wait indeed.

This week's visualization was posted as a challenge in on Apr 29th, 2010. It received several novel replies, none more appealing than the heatmaps. One of the problems of approaching a long expired challenge is that all regular and normal forms of visualization is already considered and posted.

When I looked at the data, it was apparent that the distribution could be either viewed with respect to the Age-Group or, the Year of Birth. I therefore sought to plot years of birth along the vertical axis, and the obesity percentage on the horizontal axis, for every panel separated by the age group.

My visualization for the Challenge, is as follows:

A second version of the visualization:

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