Views of Parties' Ideologies

US Politics has always intrigued me. Firstly because it is the oldest democracy in the world, and is one of the strongest. Secondly due to its bipartisanship. As someone in India, where new political parties are formed on a daily basis, without any rhyme or reason; it never ceased to amaze me, how the system, and more importantly, the two parties have been able to adapt, transform and evolve over time to appeal to the populace and cater to their needs and aspirations.

The dataset is taken from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press article captioned, "More Now See GOP as Very Conservative". I chose to present the snapshot based on the results of the survey conducted between Aug 17-21, 2011. 

I chose to keep it simple, 3 charts for 3 tables, and space for Information synopsis for those seeking to read more into the numbers.

Once finished, I had a wicked idea in mind. What if I were to bind my three separate charts into one? It looks good, but doesn't improve on anything, other than saving some space.

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