Cancer Deaths and Survival Rates

This is a blog written at the Airport. I had an hour to wait for my flight and could think of no better way to spend the time.

I love creating different charts in Excel. It keeps me company in my weekend afternoons and there is the immense benefit of learning something more about Excel.

I looked at this chart in Paresh's blog briefly the week he posted it and thought of recreating it in Excel. Then a family tragedy, and more urgent and important matters pushed this back in my to-do list. Now that all is cleared, I finished making the chart in the airport lobby!

The recreated chart:

And my visualization of the data with some noted difference:

I've chosen to substitute survival rates with mortality rates, and for a valid reason. Since the chart also displays the number of deaths caused by the individual forms of Cancer, I surmised the display of mortality rates would be more appropriate with that figure.

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