The Cricket Graphs: The Forgotten Chart

The fun of receiving feedback to blog-posts is that one isn't quite sure what they might come up against. While mostly it provides fascinating discussions, insightful comments or explanatory questions, there is also the odd occasion when it throws up unusual requests.

The other day I received an email in response to my post, The Cricket Graphs. The sender wanted me to create a "Partnership" chart, which would show the runs scored by the pair of batsmen for every wicket and the balls faced. I went searching for data in the Cricinfo website, and picked out the 3rd ODI between the South African and Australian cricket teams which was played out in Kingsmead, Durban on October 28, 2011.

The Partnership details were taken from the page titled Partnerships Table and the total balls faced by individual batsmen from the Scorecard. Constructing the graphs was a somewhat tricky affair, with two potential bar charts in two axes representing Balls and Runs, had me wondering how to incorporate the XY charts and show the other necessary details required in the chart. However, some tweaks later, the charts were created.

The South African partnership chart:

The Australian partnership chart:

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