Correcting Wiki Charts: Blackpool FC

After the Throughput Accounting chart in Wiki, my second chart of call is the Blackpool FC pie chart. With their obvious disadvantages, I prefer using them on the rarest of occasions. So let's take a look at the follies in this one.

The chart portrays the names and the tenures of all Blackpool FC managers since the club's inception. Ideally, and supposedly, such data is best displayed along a timeline. Instead of picking among the available alternatives, the creator picks a circular shape with no obvious beginning or end points. The slices in increasing order of fading shades of the club's color - Tangerine, is vague and whitish towards the ends, leaving the reader with no definite hint on when the managers tenure starts or ends.

With the limited data on offer, I consulted the Blackpool FC Wiki page for additional info and created my alternative in the shape of a Gantt Chart.

Simple, uncomplicated, chronological and instantly legible.

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