Correcting Wiki Charts: Throughput Accounting

In one of his earlier posts, Jorge Camoes calls for changing bad charts in Wikipedia. Therein, he  embeds several examples of charts, which can be easily considered "atrocious". Here, I'll attempt to correct the one titled "Throughput Accounting".

The embedded Wiki chart is a 3D horizontal cylinder chart and a contains a long definition of Throughput accounting (T) and it's structural components. The definition also includes two equations, T=Sales less TVC and NP=T less OE.

The 3D aspect of the chart serves no special purpose, and the cylindrical shape of the columns with the alternate blue and white bands seems intended for enhanced aesthetics. The columns are arranged without bearing in mind the relationship between the components, and the chart looks somewhat ragged overall.

I replaced the look of the chart from the 3D horizontal cylindrical to a "Waterfall" chart, using stacked columns. I also arranged the columns in reverse order to bring out the relationship between them that dispenses with quoting the two equations mentioned above.

My version of the Throughput Accounting chart is as follows:

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