The Cricket Graphs

Everyone in India is crazy about cricket. International cricket to be exact. This passion was triggered by a freak World Cup Championship win in 1983, and its dominance in India has continued unabated since. Of late, successful triumphs in T20 World Championship, The ICC Test Rankings, IPL and most recently, the ICC World Cup 2011 has taken the support for the game in India through the roof.

However, this post is not about the ascendancy of cricket in India. It takes to the various types of graphs we see in the telly to help us further analyze the game. Commentators have given them colorful names. The two most notable and common are "The Manhattan", which is the column graph, and "Worm" - which is the line chart.

I didn't had the time to look up official India and Australian sides, neither the details of an official match between them. I knew a 50 over per-side match will be too bulky to create as a dashboard chart, so I zeroed in on a 20 over per-side format.

After an hour of restructuring the data, and working on them, the charts are made as follows:

First, "The Worm"

Then, "The Manhattan"

And finally, a comparative runs per over and wickets chart.

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