Quality of Living Index 2010

I came across this data-set while reading about different visualization challenges in Visualization.org. An intriguing table where 194 countries are ranked and rated in diverse parameters to reveal the best place to live.

Strangely, there is no data for Sweden under the heading Cost of Living. Certainly, the data was either left out or not available for some obscure reason. It just seems to defy belief that Sweden will score a "duck" in that category. That none of the Scandinavian countries made it to the top list is yet another surprise for me. Overall, the "Top 10" places to live, in descending order, are: France, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Luxembourg, USA, Belgium, Canada and Italy.

Another idle afternoon spent in sweet excel company to create the following.

Some parting words, The scroll-bar and spin-button controls are active-X control elements, not form control elements. Given the inability to specify a dynamic maximum value for the scroll-bar, as is necessitated by the varying number of countries listed under different continents, this change was inevitable. Also, it meant macros needs to be enabled to allow the execution of a single line of code.

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