Process Quality Dashboard

Looking back isn't always a bad thing. Pleasant memories aside, it also allows one to review earlier works in the light and knowledge of current experience and to realize how much path we have journeyed on since.

I found a folder in my old computer the other evening and it was password-protected. Utterly curious as to what it might contain, I opened it to find copies of monthly dashboards I made in my earlier organization. Thereafter, it was mostly reliving old memories as I browsed through them all, looking at them and thinking of making them better.

One of my favorite dashboards to make then was the Quality Dashboard. 10+ teams, 10+ performance parameters, 100+ associates, it was some ordeal to get all of them in a series of PowerPoint slides. Some dashboard too! Over 15 slides and in excess of 20 charts!

I copied the data to a fresh Excel worksheet, altered and changed some of the names, and started a dashboard which in 3 simple tables will allow the user to review the overall program, the performance of the teams and finally, the performance of every associate.

Remembering the extra hours we needed to put in afterwards to salvage the names of top performers and outliers for R&R and feedbacks. I designed the table to highlight such names automatically. For a few hours of effort, a lifetime of reduced stress in office.

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