US Cancer Stats 2010

I do habitually trawl a lot of websites. Partly because of my interests, partly due to my commitments, and some because I'm concerned. One among the last is The American Cancer Society Inc. A comprehensive website which incorporates A-Z of cancer. From learning about the disease to its treatment and from all relevant data to a chance to volunteer and make a difference, it includes all. The data is from the section Cancer Facts and Figures 2010. I know a similar page exists for the year 2011, but I'd rather wait for the year to be over and the numbers updated, so I can then not only look at the data, but also perform a meaningful comparison against the previous year.

The dataset is taken from page 3 of the PDF file, titled "Estimated new cancer cases and deaths by sex for all sites, US, 2010". Sadly, there can be no correlation between new cases and deaths, so, my main focus was to find the best way possible to represent this data in a dashboard. To make this more challenging, I desisted from using macros, and decided to use Pie-charts!

To keep the dashboard simple, I've used a pair of List Boxes, and the type selected in one will populate the related sub-types in the second.

After about 30 minutes of playing with the data, the dashboard came out as below:

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