World Education Ranking

This data was published in the Guardian issue of December 7th, 2010. It mentions the  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's comprehensive world education ranking report, ranking each country in three disciplines of Reading, Maths and Science.

The  OCED's idea of using a Bump Chart (learn how to make one here) didn't quiet appeal to me for two reasons. First, given the length of the chart, it not only required scrolling, it demanded it! Secondly, it was a visual overload of colours which scarcely provided any comparative assistance.

Since I gathered this data from an UK newspaper, it only seemed judicious to keep UK as the standard country to compare others against.

I decided to use a Box-and-Whiskers Panel Chart to display this data, plus a couple of dynamic boxes to include relevant data for the comparing countries.

After about an hour of work, I was happy to achieve the following.

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