Tabbed Dashboard

I get to work with Google docs a lot. While its spreadsheet is relatively rudimentary and only offers a basic level of customization, I've really grown to love the various gadgets which helps the user quickly build up Gantt charts, Time series with annotations, Heatmap, Spider charts and Word clouds. I was very charmed by the tabbed feature of the Heatmap and wondered if anyway, that feature could be "visually replicated" in an Excel worksheet without using VBA.

I still had the data from The Pac-Man Dashboard handy, so I started off without any definite schema in mind. Ready to use regular Excel features like conditional-formatting, form element and embedded objects to aid me achieve my goal. Sure enough, in three hours, the following was laid out.

Tabbed Business Overview Dashboard (Region)

Tabbed Business Overview Dashboard (Sales Person)

Tabbed Business Overview Dashboard (Product)

And finally, Tabbed Business Overview Dashboard (Customer)

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